Quan Hodges


New Book Release and Media Launch

Quan Hodges’ sophomore novel “2036-The Death of Liberalism”, takes the reader on a journey to the year 2036 where politicians are bought and sold through corporate sponsorships like used cars at an auction.  Hodges creates a provocative mental image of the future that will leave the reader questioning the existence of American democracy as we know it; and predicts the fear of a future where individual rights have been all but abolished.
This novel follows the life of William Prescott, the self-proclaimed savior of right-wing conservatives and arch-enemy of liberals, and his family. When his children abandon the unwritten rules of an unspoken caste system and cross socio-economic lines in their personal relationships, they get caught up in a world of harsh realities; which threaten not only their social standing, but their father’s very chances of being elected President of the United States.
The political romance novel follows the turmoil that ensues, highlighting the highs and lows of the Prescott family among all of the political warfare that surrounds them, forcing William to decide between his political ambition and the love of his children.

Hodges paints a vivid picture for his readers, creating a depth and realness that allows you to feel every emotion and reaction along with the characters. He gives 2036 a suspenseful storyline that will involve you, engage you and leave you eager for the next chapter well after the book has been read.

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Involuntary Love


A bachelor's party that changes the lives of a former star football player Chauncey and his newfound temptress and exotic dancer Apple. The choices that they make or do not make from her seemingly insignificant lap dance, followed by a perfunctory kiss has the power to affect all those with whom Chauncey comes in contact. He tries to save Apple from a despairing life that is heading nowhere and finds himself helplessly embedded in the world of crime, misdeeds and drugs. Chauncey tries to stay sober long enough to rescue Apple from a certain death, but will he succeed when he balances on a fine thread between reality and a euphoric, intoxicated world?

Discover what happens when a twist of faith and the power of an involuntary love collide. 

Involuntary Love is the first novel by new Atlanta author Quan Hodges.
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